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Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus Test Admissibility Issues in Colorado

Campbell v. People and Rule 702 Expert Testimony in DUI Cases

The Colorado Lawyer, June, 2020


The Use of Medical Marijuana in Drug Courts, Probation, Parole and Pre-trial Release, Journal of Community Corrections, Volume 29, Number 2, Winter, 2020




Will Newly Developing Drug Breathalyzers Replace Other Forms of Testing? DATIA Focus Magazine, Winter 2019


CBD Challenges for Law Enforcement, Testing and Airports, DATIA Focus Magazine, Fall, 2019


Marijuana & Driving Part 1, DATIA Focus Magazine, Spring 2019


Who Will Be Impacted if Marijuana is Changed to a Schedule II Drug? DATIA Focus Magazine, Winter Issue, 2018


The Hemp Cultivation Quagmire in the U.S. DATIA Focus Magazine, Summer 2018  


Marijuana Congressional Bills: A Bipartisan Movement? DATIA Focus Magazine, Fall 2018  


Interstate Marijuana Use & Possession DATIA Focus Magazine, Winter, 2017  


Marijuana Driving Impairment: Is the Science There Yet? DATIA Focus Magazine, Summer, 2017  


Per Se Marijuana Driving Laws: Here to Stay? DATIA Focus Magazine, Winter,2016  


Marijuana Driving Impairment and the Standard Field Sobriety Tests DATIA Focus Magazine, Summer, 2016  


Does Marijuana Use Cause Crashes and Fatalities? DATIA Focus Magazine, Spring, 2016  


The Impact on the Gerhardt Decision on Marijuana Driving Case, Court review, Vo. 53, issue 4


Civic Research Institute, What About Medical Marijuana for PTSD for Veterans, Fall 2017, Issue 21, no. 4.


A Judicial Perspective on Expert Testimony in Marijuana Driving Cases, Journal of Medical Toxicology, Received: 21 July 2016/Accepted: 25 July 2016 # American College of Medical Toxicology 2016 (Peer Reviewed)


An Inside Look at Romer v. Evans,  Mitchel Law Review, Vol. 41, Issues 1, October, 2015


Edit NHTSA Chapter 7, Geriatrics & Driving, Ethical and Legal Responsibilities of the Physician, May, 2015


Prevailing Tools in Detecting Alcohol and Drug Content in Impaired Driving Cases ABA/NHTSA Highway to Justice,


Another Look at Missouri v. McNeely ABA/NHTSA Highway to Justice, Spring, 2013


Children Left in Cars: The Other Distracted Driving ABA/NHTSA Highway to Justice, Fall 2012


The Selection and Retention of Judges, How Judges Can Ride the Wave AJA White Paper  Court Review, Feb.2010


Colorado Woman’s’ Bar Association Foundation, Raising the Bar, Executive Producer, 2010

Colorado Lawyer, Margaret Tekavee, Jan. 2003


Colorado Lawyer, A Brief Herstory…, Dec. 2002


Court Review, Coming to a Court Near You, Illegal Immigrant Driver, Jan. 2001


Preventative Law Journal, The Advantages of Counseling over Lawyering, June 1996


Colorado Lawyer, Definition of Family, Domestic Partnership & Marriage, June 1995


California Western International Law Journal, An Evaluation of PRC’s Participation International Commercial Arbitration, Sept. 1983

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