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I am available as a speaker, educator, trainer, and consultant to Judicial Educators, Highway Safety Offices, Drug and DWI Court Associations, Judges, Defense Attorneys, Prosecutors, Probation and Parole, DUI Associations, District Attorney Associations, Toxicologists, Education Facilities, Workplace Legal Administrators, Drug Testing Industry, and all Court Professionals. I have been approved for CLEs CEUs and CME credits/units across the country. I am also available as an expert witness for both Prosecution and Defense and as a consultant to Toxicologists in impaired driving cases. Contact me at I am designated as an expert witness in marijuana and driving and drugged driving with 2 companies: Expert Consulting Services, Inc. (ECS) and the Expert Institute. I have also been designated as an expert in marijuana and driving in a Court of Law.

Judge Mary Celeste (Ret.)

Judge Celeste (Ret.) is a national expert on marijuana and driving and drugged driving and is available as a consultant for Prosecution, Defense and Toxicologists in impaired driving cases. Contact her at


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